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  4. Wednesday, 24 June 2020
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From Jeff Anderson Dept. Of Tourism - I would like to provide you with the two attached documents which contain information that you may find valuable.

The first, 2020 Economic Activity in a Pandemic.pdf, is a report of Wisconsin Taxable Sales in March & April 2020 completed by Forward Analytics. Included in the report is a statewide summary of economic activity by industry sector for the two months reported as well as a breakdown by county. Note the most significant loss was for accommodations (-64%) followed by other tourism industry sectors including Museums/Historical Sites (-63.5%), Performing Arts/Spectator Sports (-61.9%), Air Transportation (-48.5%), and Food Services and Drinking Places (-42.2%).

The second, TTRA – Sacks 6-17-20 – short.pdf, are the slides from the presentation by Tourism Economics President Adam Sacks during last week’s Travel & Tourism Research Association webinar. Adam’s presentation includes US tourism industry recovery forecasts. Note the forecasts on slide 15 for domestic drive verse domestic air and international travel. This is a positive indicator for Wisconsin’s tourism industry with our primary travel markets including in-state visitors, Chicago, and Minneapolis.
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