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  1. Ryan Harden
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  3. Wisconsin Trails
  4. Wednesday, 17 June 2020
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Today the ORV council meets to talk about grants and funding for all the public programs in Wisconsin. This is the group that'll review and advise grant acceptance or denial to the DNR. When we get a public program, our club grants will also be in this mix for the public trails said clubs will be responsible for. Trail grants from clubs need to be processed through a local government agency of some type for funds accountability.

I wanted to bring up a major milestone happening today pertaining to this. While I can't divulge in the details, there is a muddy trail that needs fixing and instead of graveling over it (NOT what we want), they will make a smooth bypass and then keep the Slow Speed Trail section as a Waypoint! If this works out and is funded, this begins the process of adding in Slow Speed Trail waypoints and trails into the public trail mix. Doesn't matter what recreation, the point I've been trying to make for years seems to be getting through, that people don't want smooth trails, they are fast, dusty, loud, and dangerous, not to mention boring. Converting some trails to Slow Speed Trails creates more tourism, destinations worthy of travel, and they reduce or eliminate dust, speed, noise, and excessive grooming costs.

Today, history is made and if the council makes this happen, it'll be a very positive step forward.

I've spent countless hours with some of these council members on this topic. Been to many meetings where I highlight this stuff, and we're starting to see some progress on it now. While not a 4x4 trail (yet), this is a very important step in adding better trails across Wisconsin.
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