Saturday, 28 August 2021
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I found this group looking google searching for trails in Wisconsin.

I haven't been wheeling in years. Back when I was in the USMCR I would get a lot of time on Ft. McCoy's trails as we would use my '88 XJ (stock, 5 speed, limited slip) and then my '96 Explorer Sport (stock except for 31" tires, 5 speed, limited slip) for scouting training areas. I've been on rocks once in AZ in a '91 XJ. With open differentials that was a challenge. Past rides include a '67 Bronco (stupidly sold in the early '90's but it was a rust bucket) and a '53 M-37 (more intelligently sold to a friend's son who will give it the use it deserves). I did take the '67 off road but that was all stupid kid stuff in gravel pits, etc. where we didn't belong.

I have done fire roads and ATV trails in the last years on my HPN BMW G/S. My current 4 x 4 is an '05 Xterra Off Road that has seen little off road outside of construction sites and dirt roads -- ones that I need to be at for work It has 221k miles on it and hopefully its replacement gets here before it dies. (See below.)

I work four to five days per week for a high performance window company doing their U.S. sales and their thermal and structural engineering. I also work 1-2 weeks as a dog trainer for Georgia K9's Chicago Branch of their tracker school.

What brought me to search for trails is that I have a 2021 Bronco Black Diamond, 4 door, soft top, 7 manual on order and I'd like to get the family into some off roading. If you are not familiar with the Broncos this trim comes with 32" tires, 4.46 gears, a rear locker and a crawler gear. I picked this trim because it more than matches the capabilities of my Xterra and if I outgrow them a set of 33's and a front locker will be easy add-ons.

I'll be doing a lot of lurking and plan to upgrade to a paid membership when the Bronco finally gets here.

David Paulus
Wauwatosa, WI
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