Tuesday, 15 June 2021
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The 2020/2021 Premium Memberships are being phased out and all new memberships will be the enhanced memberships that are no longer part of the universal membership program that chapters of RL4WDA were part of and it'll be run by RL4WD Corp, not the old Association. We ran the association and corp, the old membership was with the association, the new program will be run through the corp. It is our intention to keep building trails, supporting clubs, and just about everything else we were doing as the association.

As you can guess, the site requires weekly updates and security enhancements, backups, and we have our own dedicated server. All of this has costs which is why most 4x4 clubs do not have a site with all these features or community.

This membership keeps the website going and trail maps and tours going for those of us who wish to support it. This enhanced profile membership will also include a membership to the new Americas Trails mapping and app site we're developing for multiple recreations. When that site is finished, your login will work there too. We want to keep developing the Trail Rating System and help riders connect with amazing trails and overlanding routes for 4X4 and also ATV/UTV/Motorcycle/Mountainbike/Hike/Waterway.

There will be no shirts given with this new program, but we will continue to seek prizes for poker runs and related events. The change came because of a number of reasons but mainly because we lost our club insurance program, clubs were doing their own membership anyway, and I just coming do all this processing and work for free anymore. This site and everything we do has a lot of time needs, now we have that figured out and can continue to scale this and bring in employees as the site and system grows.

A portion of the proceeds will go to The NOHVIS group as they print the cards now and continue to run the Trail Ambassador program which we still want to be a part of and I'll still teach classes for at some point.

A portion of the proceeds will also go to For All The Right Reasons Foundation each month to help the homeless, vets, and active military. We've been helping that group since 2019 and made great progress in our community each month via donations mainly to United Ministries in St Nazianz near Camp Sinawa. I volunteered to make them a little site too which you can check out at https://forrightreasons.com/ as it continues to develop.

It is not clear if Tigerton will honor the new program, I'll try and get it approved with the village and keep doing events up there.

Watch for classes and rides at Camp Sinawa and overlanding rides throughout Wisconsin in the coming weeks as well that paid members will be invited to.

There will be a massive increase in shirt and jacket offerings with the new program and enhanced and premium members will get emails with specials on those products as they come out.

We still want to do our educational classes on the site and that's still being developed. Hopefully, now it can be developed faster. Enhanced/Premium members will get most of these classes for free or at a discount.

As long as people join and this keeps going, we'll also keep pushing for lobby work and VIP program for a public 4X4 trail system in Wisconsin as well as a federal slow-speed trail program through Americas Trails.

Thank you all for your time, prayers, calls, and volunteering. Lots of great stuff happening in the 4X4 world up here on all fronts so join your local clubs, ride, volunteer, and be part of the ongoing 4x4 progress!
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Howdy Ryan - I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m super confused on much of this. I struggle knowing the difference between the RL4WD that is dissolving (I think?) and the RL4WD that is back to memberships and trail rides and supporting clubs. Maybe just me as I can be slow. Lol!
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