Monday, 07 June 2021
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  Subscribe will remain active and a resource for 4x4 enthusiasts for the foreseeable future. The association will change to the community and we'll continue to develop trail routes, events, etc. as the entire community sees fit (Trail Ambassadors, 4X4 Clubs, Members...).

The premium membership will no longer be offered as that was linked to the association. Once all the paperwork has been filed with the state and checks have been sent to the chapters, I'll make the final changes to the site reflecting what's happening.

In the future, to help with website and design costs, we'll offer clothing, stickers, and some perks on the site.. which is run by RL4WD Corp. Again, we'll wait until all the association stuff is done and the leadership team guides on what to do next. I'm very sorry I couldn't keep up with all the volunteering and that I let everyone down. The clubs are still doing rides, Ambassadors are umm.. ambassadoring... and stuff is still going great for WI 4X4. It's so awesome to see so many great things happening.

I hope to one-day host rides again, but I'll wait until the chapters and stuff are all settled in their new ways before doing anything. There are a lot of things we need to get done and I want this site to be a resource for RL4WD's and the clubs however they see fit. Just because the association didn't work, doesn't mean anything actually stops, we'll just do things differently is all. Don't listen to the ney sayers or haters, we're here to expand the fun of riding and doing it responsibly so that we can keep getting more trails.

While I'm working on the new patriot community, family farm, and trying to make ends meet, it's been really hard not making it to rides or hosting stuff... but the clubs and WC4WD are doing great so it's all working.

Thank you all for hanging in there as this next chapter of our progression solidifies. I'm very busy during the day currently but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I do my best to answer as timely as I can.

So so many great friends and people here, I can't thank you all enough for making this dream come true for so many riders.
Ryan Harden
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