Tuesday, 30 March 2021
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I have all the training dates set for 2021 pertaining to Trail Ambassadors, was waiting to see how my new farm business was going to go before committing to more. I think I can set up another weekend a month for member training or guided rides. There isn't enough going on for members yet and while I don't want to be doing these things every weekend, I'm seeing no choice but to host classes and rides myself more until we get the new Trail Guide program off the ground.

This would also help new guides learn, in a real event setting, how to host their own rides eventually. So like a 2nd mate learning to be the captain kinda deal. I think many Ambassadors don't feel comfortable hosting their own rides simply because they don't have enough time as the lead doing it. There's a lot to get done this year but if rides aren't being scheduled, it all falls apart.

I know this can burn me out and this is very dangerous to try and tackle rides, training, trail guide training, website work, legislation, etc. on top of my main job... but again, I see no other choice in the matter. Someone has to do it, and it looks like... right now anyway... nobody else is ready yet. Formalizing the training, getting certifications set up, badges, etc. etc. proves the person took the training and they can be proud to have done it.

I've been an instructor nearly all my adult life for ATV/UTV/Dirtbike through DNR/ATV Safety Institute/Motorcycle Safety Foundation DBS so setting up training curriculums for members and volunteers is something I'm comfortable with. We're a national organization and we need to provide these resources in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and beyond. Our advanced class last year went over very well, our Trail Guide class is going to be a big hit too, and doing training on the 4x4 RL4WD side seems to be the next step for me.

Setting up once a month for this and once a month for volunteer training gives me 2 free weekends a month for other things... but it would stall the mapping progress, keep me from taking any major trips, etc. for the most part. Training like this is needed, but it'll consume me and keep me from many other things. Again, I don't see any other way to connect the dots.

one week ago
I guess I’m confused as to what was discussed at the previous meeting with chapter leaders and ambassadors. I was under the impression chapter leaders like myself were going to reach out to Regan and the Coalition was going to train Guide classes to current Trail Ambassadors that were interested.
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