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  1. Fred Fabris
  2. Welcome Mat
  3. Wednesday, 26 August 2020
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Hello, New member here. Been off-roading for about 20 years. Started in a Ford pickup, switched to an older Nissan Pathfinder, than switched to a XJ. The XJ was I big improvement. Now I own a TJ and a JK. I am a Jeep tech at a Madison area Jeep Dealer. We’ve been down to Kentucky red river area a number of times and out to Utah and Colorado on a few occasions. Opportunities to off-road around here are tough to find so when I heard of your group I figured I needed to check it out. Looking forward to things in the future.
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Ryan Harden
Trail Ambassador
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Thanks for joining Fred. You'll want to meet up with your local club the South Central WI Overlanders - as they have private land and public rides in your area.

Thanks for saying Hi! See ya on the trails :)
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