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  1. Dmitriy Usher
  2. Welcome Mat
  3. Monday, 20 July 2020
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Hi there,

My name is Dmitriy and I'm a lifelong off-road & Jeep enthusiast. I'm not new to off-roading - I'm on Jeep 3 (my 2018 JLRU) and I've lived in 5 states and participated in Jeep and off-road clubs in all of them. I'm relatively new to Illinois (northern suburbs on Wisconsin state line) and haven't experienced much around here since we moved here just before covid.

I am new to over-landing and just now getting into camping. In fact, I'm anxiously awaiting our custom-built teardrop from Tiny Camper in Florida and plan on doing some dispersed camping in it on the drive back :D

I look forward to exploring the region and meeting some of you!

Pic of my Jeep below exploring around the New Hampshire/Vermont border and then the Ice Age Trail in WI.
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Welcome! Thanks for sharing, see ya on the trails soon.
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