The Road Legal 4WD Trail Guide program is one of our top volunteer programs. Being a certified Trail Guide allows you to host events that can be sanctioned by our association. 

Our goal is to provide our members with quality guides through fun adventures as often as possible. Trail Guides may be responsible for areas of a trail, a specific group of rigs, or they may float where needed. Trail Guides will coordinate with the local chapters about when and where they are guiding. 

Certified Trail Guides can also host their own smaller excursions outside of Chapter events as long as they are not hosting an event on the same day as the local Chapter itself. Guides will be able to add their excursions to the RL4WD calender. Guides can issue event points for their events if they have 3 or more members on a given ride. It's essential for Trail Guides to coordinate their efforts with the local Chapter (if there is one). 

To become a Trail Guide, you must take the Trail Guide certification course. This can be done on-site at a training session, or online with an on-site test out. We'll also be offering periodic Trail Guide refresher courses to maintain our Trail Guide certification. 

Online Trail Guide Courses - 

On-Site Trail Guide Courses - 

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