As an insurance agent, I want to bring up an insurance concern you may not be aware of. Some insurance companies may not cover your vehicle if it’s taken off-road, some may also deny a claim if your modified products on your rig cause an accident (on or off-road). It’s important to check with your insurance agent or carrier (specifically the claims department) on the limits of coverage pertaining to off-road and trail use. 

Important things to consider saying: As the RL4WD, we do not list or drive off-trail. Most of our public trails are even considered gravel roads,  logging roads, high-clearance county forest or national forest roads, or they are designated as recreational trails for 4x4’s and RL4WDs. Some insurance carriers use tricky wording to make coverage a “gray area” with things like this. I’d also suggest a lower deductible for comprehensive, specifically for glass coverage as flat windshields tend to chip and crack more often from road debris.

Do not wait until something happens to find out the hard way that you may not have coverage with your RL4WD. Talk to your agent, your carrier and those who have filed claims with your carrier via social media, around the fire, etc.. From time to time carriers also change policy language, some could affect coverage for your rig while on the trail so be sure to read those noticed when they are sent.

The RL4WD Trail Ambassadors and members do our best to keep safety and vehicle protection at the top of our ride priorities. We’re not out here to wreck our rigs, we’ve invested too much time, money and effort to wreck what we’ve built! 

I write for AAA in Wisconsin and have gone to bat for RL4WD so that  AAA changed its policy language. Now, things like lift kits are not considered performance products, we’re working on getting more of the mods covered and listed, and we have made sure that trail coverage is not excluded. The intent of this article isn’t to sell you anything, it’s to make sure you have coverage while you’re out riding trails. Now, be sure your rigs are protected by asking questions and getting answers in writing from your carrier.


Ryan Harden of RL4WD

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