Effective 10/24/2018 Our extensive private map directory is for members only. Non-members have been caught riding on our private trails so the entire private trails directory is now only going to show up for members who are logged in. 

RL4WD maps are forging new grounds to give Road Legal 4WD owners the tools to explore, share, review, update and know what’s on the trail. Our trails are not simply lines on a map, we showcase hills, rocks, low line, water crossings and more right in the map so our members can get an idea of the type of adventure that trail provides. From crawling to overlanding, our maps are designed to give our members the best experience possible.

Online – Our map directory allows members to download the local maps (print pdf and GPS files), coordinate events, post pictures and videos and write reviews and blogs. Our online maps also feature our business members, Trail Town locations and more!

Printed – We have an industrial printer in our home office that produces high quality magazine style maps. Our map booklets include a lot of detail for each area, coupons, local emergency and land manager numbers as well as local chapter contacts.

Squad up and enjoy the adventure! We’re out mapping weekly to bring you new and exciting content each month.

Video Trail Reviews – Our video program is called Riding Adventures Today and it will highlight areas of the trail in stunning 4K video.

Get the whole image! Our mappers are encouraged to map using 360 cameras.

Our mapping products help educate people on where to go, who to call or email for local info and help keep us expanding out riding opportunities. Funding from our maps go to our mission to increase communication and education within Wrangler Riders. Your mapping support helps us grow!

RL4WD Mapping Timeline -

2017 – Begin mapping and online database creation

Winter of 2017 / 2018 – Launch mapping directory and printing beta launch

Summer 2018 – Wisconsin Mapping Full Launch

Online Map Overview - 

Bridging online maps with paper maps via QR Code Readers - 

How to use Google Maps with our Directory Listings 

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