The Road Legal 4WD Association keeps track of how many events you've been to by awarding points to your member profile. The more events you go to, the more respect and badges you'll earn within our organization. Points are also worth prize tickets that are given at certain events. The more points you have on your profile, the more chances you have to win giveaways from our sponsors. 

Points are earned a few different ways and some events are worth more points than others are. The goal of the points system is to have a way to encourage members to attend more events. Event point values may change from time to time, these are things the Road Legal 4WD Association advisory board votes on. 


Event Point Values

Meetings & Gatherings - 1 point per event day

Workshops & Educational Classes - 1 point per workshop. Max 2 workshop points per day. 

Rides Adventures - 1 point per event day

Work days - 1 point for showing up, 1 additional point per 4 hours volunteering

Regional / Annual Meetings - Doubles the point values above. Regional events are co-hosted by 2 or more chapters cooperatively. 

Minimum meeting time for a point is 1 hour. An event is defined as being hosted by one of the RL4WD chapters and it is listed in our events area.

Starting in 2018, you will also get a base amount of points for the following:

5 points for becoming a chapter elder & maintaining elder status / yr.

10 points for becoming Trail Ambassador certified & maintaining TPA status / yr.

Point values are determined by the local chapter host and sent in after an event to the home office. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing of event points. All points and values along with descriptions can be found here. If there is a discrepancy in points feel free to contact your chapter host for that event and we can adjust. 

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