Your Road Legal 4WD Association profile will keep track of major achievements for everything from skills to major events you’ll attend.

We use these records to quickly show what you’ve done. Some of these achievements will come with the option to have physical metal badges that you can toss on your trail rig that’ll sync with your online profile.

You’ll also get badges for completing our online skills classes that may include a physical location test or skills demonstration.

Some of the achievements are not related to RL4WD BUT are super important while riding.

Some prizes and sponsor giveaways may also be done each year using the achievements program.


Below are the big achievements you can earn for your profile. Badges are only issued once unless otherwise stated.

Badges and points we give for being more useful out on the trail. 

Trail Guide Ambassador – This badge is awarded when someone passes the Trail Guide Ambassador class and background check. You’ll also get 10 points, patch and other credentials. Renewal classes also issue a badge and 5 points once every 24 months. 

First Aid Badge – This badge is awarded when you submit a copy of your First Aid / AED or related certifications. Credentials must be active (not expired) at time of submission. It is worth a one-time 10 points.

HAM Badge – Email us a copy of your current HAM amateur radio license to get this badge. It is worth a one-time 10 points.

ASE Certification - The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a professional certification group that certifies professionals and shops in the automotive repair and service industry in the United States and parts of Canada. It is worth a one-time 10 points when you email us your certification. 

Online Classes – Please see the training area of the site for the respective badges and course material.

Post point year badges are awarded at the end of the year and then points are set back to zero for the upcoming year. 

Community Badges we give

Military Service - Email us your current valid military ID and we'll award you with credit for serving our country. It is worth a one-time 10 points.

Military Veterans Badge - Email us your honorable discharge papers (DD Form 214) and we'll award you with credit for serving our country. It is worth a one-time 10 points