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  1. Ryan Harden
  2. Communication
  3. Tuesday, 04 December 2018
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Okay so we have the Motorola to Beartooth the CB and amateur radio. Jeremy Wolff and I were talking last week about the feasibility of having one radio for all frequencies. While it appears possible on 10 and 11 meter (is that right? Lol), I would have sync that it would be hard to monitor all of the channels we use in the event with one radio? But boy would it be sweet to have one amateur radio that could monitor channel 16 of FRS, channel 12 of CB and then base amateur radio frequency and whatever we pick for our frequency.

The point is I just want one radio. Is that possible? To be able to custom program to monitor those channels and then even broadcast at the legal output of said channels. This way you have almost a one-stop-shop. I know you won't be able to monitor the Beartooth but we're not even going to go that route anyway it sounds like.
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