The event has moved to the Saturday before Easter from the March date due to the warmup and thaw. Join us for a fun day ...

The event has moved to the Saturday before Easter from the March date due to the warmup and thaw. Join us for a fun day of riding the Wisconsin River trails and gravel roads, followed by a nice dinner. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the river, the blooming Spring forest flowers, and the camaraderie of your fellow 4x4 family! We'll tour the Badger Ammo plant trails, visit the graveyard there (both GeoCrawls) and share the amazing history. We'll then crawl the 4x4 course at Le Voy's Nut and Bolt Shop and after that Then, we'll ride down the river trails that progressively turn from gravel roads to real trails. 

This trail tour is mostly stock 4x4 friendly but the end trails may not be suitable for highway tires. Depending on the river level, we may be able to crawl some spots but they are optional for pictures and such. The end trails turn to more sand and dirt and we may cross 3 streams that have prepared bottoms. If you don't feel comfortable doing these crossings, there is a place to park your rig to jump in with others or to wait until that section of trail is finished. If the trails are very muddy, we will not risk tearing up the trails. Our goal is to build more trails and that can't happen if we wreck what's already there. 

This tour should take about 3-4 hours depending on how often we stop. If the group is too big, we may split into a few smaller groups on some trails so there is less waiting. 

We are allowed to have 5 rigs per Trail Guide Ambassador As more TGA's come with, we'll set that number higher. 

This event is free for all RL4WDA members. Please bring your valid membership card along and we'll have the waivers and sign in forms on site. Safe time and check your rig with the waivers here - note that kids need a legal guardian to sign the waiver so if you have kids and are bringing their friends, your signature will not work for them.

Fire extinguisher and recovery gear is required. You need to have tow points on the front and rear along with d rings and such. It's not likely that we will be airing down or doing a lot of crawling on rocks. 

We will use CB's for this ride so have one if you are coming. We'll start on channel 12. 

We will likely stop for lunch along the way but bring water, snacks and such. Some of these trails will be gated, some will not, it just depends on the weather and trail conditions. Some trails are 20+ minutes away from one another where we'll be on roads so if your rig isn't really roadworthy, you may want to sit this one out. 

We'll fuel up at Bluffview CITGO before we go so meet there. Post any questions you may have below and our Trail Guide Ambassadors or members will be there to help out. Thank you all for supporting our mission to build and ride more trails! Together, we can advocate for proper trail use to foster relationships to build more crawling trails we all enjoy. 

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