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  4. Wednesday, 18 November 2020
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I'm trying to get a list together for the radio install mod.

What are you using for your antenna and radio mounts? Figured it is best to write this in a forum so others can use it as a resource as well.
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Michael Collette
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My overly detailed 4Runner ham build:


COMET-NCG CA-SPR Antenna Spring

Rago Fab Ham Radio Hood Mount (passenger) (discontinued)

PulseLarsen Mid-Size NMO Mount (NMOKHFMIDDS) - Now almost impossible to find in stock. Waterproofed with 3M 70 and then covered with 3M 33+.

Stainless ground strap - Hood mount to body.

MFJ MFJ-700B4 Ferrite Chokes - Maybe overkill but looped through double chokes 3-4 times before heading into the cabin.

Amphenol 083-886 PL-259 Connector and Amphenol 083-185-RFX Reducer - Soldered and sealed connector.

FTM-400 base installed under seat.
FTM-400 display installed via Ram Mount to Expedition Essentials Accessory Mount

YAESU MLS-200M10 External Speaker - Installed in glove box

Wires-X PDN:
YAESU SCU-40 Cable Kit

Offline APRS:
YAESU CT-164 DIN to Mini DIN Connector
MiniDIN-6 TNC Cable
Mobilinkd TNC3
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