Thursday, 21 January 2021
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Please take the survey Here as Megan Smith tries to hone in on interest.

As you may or may not know, we helped open this park to 4x4's and it was exclusive to us in 2018 and 2019 for our rides. In 2020 the park changed their policy with opening to the public and it's been very difficult to keep up with patrol, and trail maintenance as there are way too many people using the trails vs volunteers willing to help out. I purposely added some of this verbiage to the renewals for 2021 and it caused a backlash from the complainers who want everything for free and who don't join us at trail work days (with a few club exceptions). This has created some dialog and synergy between our group and other groups, and some very negative talks, threats, and alike as well.

It's pretty simple from our side, we have a free and paid membership and are tying to help build more trails in Wisconsin and the upper midwest. We're trying to help introduce legislative action to fund parks like this year through a 4x4 program. Without the members, we can't do much. Without premium members, we can't pay for much either. This has been another shining example of how the 4X4 community LOVES to complain... enough where lands like this may just shut 4x4's down completely if the fighting, harassments, and threats continue. If people don't join, I won't have the means to meet with legislators and land managers as well and our ability to keep up the tremendous momentum dies right along with the non-profit.

Show that you support the park and RL4WD. If we lose exclusive use, we won't pay for the signs, and many of the Trail Ambassadors will not visit as often to help patrol. Either way, your input is needed.

Our fate is in your hands.
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