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  4. Thursday, 09 July 2020
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The team at Tigerton had to make a hard decision to limit the amount and size of vehicles due to the overwhelming popularity of the park to the 4x4 folks. I can't even take my Jeep out there now on 38" and 4.5" lift. Oh well, it's for the greater good and I'd rather see limits vs complete closure. Maybe someday we'll get Jess Harden's 4Runner on a small lift, 33's, and a winch and go back, but until then.. looks like I'll only be visiting with the bike or ATV's.

We'll just keep building trails and mapping to keep growing this thing. We're grateful to have Tigerton among the mix of OHV parks we plan to bring to Wisconsin.
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Brian Magee is talking with the park on possibly allowing Trail Ambassadors to be a bit bigger than the rules as with recovery, it may be needed. We'll see what they come up with. If you'd like to help keep trails open as an Ambassador, I've switched all my normal rides at Sinawa to now be training for Ambassadors to keep up with the demand for classes in Aug, Sept, and Oct.
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