Trail Guide Ambassador Hood Decal Set


$ 20

Trail Guide Ambassadors can now get the high-quality reflective yellow vehicle vinyl for their rigs. Pick the size you want, these are made to order. Features quality Oracal 5400 reflective vinyl High-gloss finish is scratch, scuff and water-resistant, featuring a highly durable, solvent-based adhesive! Suited for application on any smooth surface, from vehicles, drywall, windows, mirrors, tiles, and even wood! Looks glossy in daylight, but shines in the dark under minimal light with a bright, metallic flake to help promote safety.

ORACAL's Oralite 5400 Vinyl is the industry standard in high performance calendered vinyl. This vinyl's high-gloss reflective surface provides a unique, reflective appearance to signs, craft projects, and logos which also promotes safety by shining brightly in the dark. This intermediate-term vinyl features a solvent-based adhesive and is ideally suited for permanent outdoor or indoor applications. ORACAL is heavier than average wrapping types of vinyl, making this material easier to work with and handle while conveying greater scratch and abrasion resistance. This film is able to last for 1-5 years. Perfect for floor graphics, wall murals, and outdoor displays.

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