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  4. Friday, 11 September 2020
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Big oil and big battery companies would have you believe that you can't use Hydrogen to run your rig. Since the turn of the century, anyone who made a vehicle that ran on water would be killed or they disappeared. This is not new technology but the money powers that be, can't make enough money off of it and thus, they try and hide the fact that you can convert a gasoline engine into a partial or full hydrogen vehicle.

I know there are paid people out there to "debunk" this "myth"... if big oil can make people disappear, don't think for a minute they can't pay people to sway internet opinions. There are simply too many instances of it working for me to not believe it can be done.

The world would be a greener place if we could switch over, but it would destroy world economies... I get that, but when we run out of fuel, those who know or have this literally only need water. There are loads of videos on how to make these, but for modern vehicles, you need to adjust the computer sensors for it to do any good. Eventually, it would be awesome to build a 100% hydro rig if one could map the fuel delivery (hydro has a LOT more usable energy in it vs gas). Maybe when my rig needs a new engine, I'd look at seriously changing over. A zero-emission 4X4 on 40's free of the gas station. Ya, sign me up.
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