Stud Kleen

Category: Tools

$ 50

Perfect for your rig bag and shop, the unique Stud Kleen tool helps you quickly remove rust, mud, and debris from your wheel studs, hubs, rotors, and rims. Cleaning your studs and hub during wheel changes ensures a secure and safe change. Stud Kleen saves hours and hours of work and it lasts over 800 wheel cleanings! Shop owners, you'll save massive amounts of time and ensure a clean remounting, easily saving more than the cost of the product in employee labor time in just one day! 

This product is made in Wisconsin and helps us raise funds for trail work. We're also giving a portion of the proceeds to the All The Right Reasons Foundation of Wisconsin, the non-profit dedicated to helping homeless vets and active military. More info on this great organization can be seen in this blog/video.  

The only All in One Hub and Stud cleaning tool on the market.

FASTER - The face of the tool removes rust and contaminates in seconds providing a smooth clean surface for reassembly!

EASIER - Stainless steel tines effectively clean the threaded studs assuring easy and accurate torquing of lug nuts!

SAFER - It firmly connects to a standard impact wrench providing the safest cleaning solution for your tire changing process!

RECOMMENDED - Our abrasive material is significantly longer lasting than any competing product, put us to the test and we'll prove to be the best!

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