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  1. William Thompson
  2. Overlanding
  3. Sunday, 07 February 2021
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Was talking with Ryan this morning and telling him what got me interested in off roading. Goes back 40 years up by pembine when I'd take my ratty pickup down forest trails, always enjoyed getting the 69 Ford further than it should :) kinda wanted a jeep, but my attitude towards vehicles is that they needed to earn their keep. Pickup for my job was a necessity. I didn’t really "need" a jeep. So I just never pulled the trigger. Somehow 10 years ago I came across this amazing blog
And I'm not really a reader, but this blog captured my imagination, and to be honest I was hooked. I began trying to justify why I should have one. Lol then 4 years ago I bought a small plow route that came with a tired s10. ?. I never plowed one driveway with that truck. But now it dawned on me I just met my own self imposed criteria, to finally own a wrangler! I bought mater and the rest is history. I built that plow route from 6 driveways to 22 and 4 commercial lots. You all know how much I enjoy being out with mater, and now crusher. My only regret is I didn't start earlier. Oh and for those of you saying ya but now you have crusher, and she has no specific purpose. I bought a plow for her before I even seen her. I probably won't install it for a while, but who knows. If my tundra fails, and I have to put mater in the starting line up, we'll plowing with a stick is not enjoyable. Crusher will have a plow on in 3 hours. She will also get a plow if she pulls more bullshit like this weekend. 50 miles of ownership and cel comes on.

The blog I posted above is very long, I suggest you plan on taking it in small bites.
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