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  1. Joseph Tucker
  2. Overlanding
  3. Tuesday, 16 June 2020
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We drive a 2018 TRD Offroad 4Runner and wonder, “What to do if it becomes unusable in the wilderness?”
I know there are a lot of smart, experienced folks here so, please help by taking a look at this Overlanding Get-Home Bag and comment what you think we should add/ delete and why?
(Note: gloves and Bear Spray are on order and will be added)
  1. Joshua Wendt
  2. 2 weeks ago
  3. #228
I like what you have done. In the Marine corps we would do things a little differently. Each would carry a shelter half. I think you are good on water and food but food I’d do a little differently. Our MREs would come with heaters but we rarely used them. If it’s survival mode your food doesn’t have to be hot and you could ditch the little cooker you got there. You do need a good flashlight. You need a mirror and signaling devices. I suppose you could wave your hats. Flare gun? Any gun! You talked about someone’s vehicle burning to the ground giving you this idea. That’s an emergency. Emergencies are much different than a backpacking camping trip. You are trying to find help or get help to you so I would add some comm gear.
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