Thursday, 10 December 2020
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How can we further our mission to help get more people into wheeling, trail riding, and creating that unity that's sorely lacking in many parts of the USA and world. I'm happy we're starting this thing in Wisconsin where there is a lot of potential to make some world-class slow speed trails and overlanding routes.

We have the Trail Ambassador program that's unique to our setup here and we reserved 4X4 Ambassador in the event the Trail Ambassador partnership would ever not work out.

Being in the motorsports and powersports club stuff pretty much all my life, I know that the local club setup is usually the best for getting and maintaining local trails. Could that be done with a team of Ambassadors? Yep.

However, the problem with just teams running rides is that without the club being set up, there's less chance to fund new trail development. There's less unity and recognition. Without chapters, there's no way to apply for some of these grants or land management contracts since the clubs are non-profits.

RL4WDA is the national (and maybe one day) international organization that helps organize, train, process, legislate, and protect the chapters to keep 4x4 recreation as a staple in their community.

I see the process of chapters usually following a similar timeline of:

1. People want to get involved. They join RL4WDA and come to events.
2. Members want to get trails and routes in their area.
3. Dedicated members become Trail Ambassadors
4.Trail Ambassadors set the ground work for organizing a local social club or Chapter.
5. A few meetings are held and the group decides on either becoming a Chapter or just a unorganized social club of some sort.
6. Chapters and their Trail Ambassadors scout places for trails, work with land managers, begin building trails, hosting rides or overlanding events, etc.

All that stuff is done on the local level. While myself the home office can help set it up, mediate initial meetings, advise on the most successful ways to do some things, it's the local Trail Ambassadors that run the Chapters. It's the Chapters that are the final "go button" for local trail access. That's been the best order of things sine auto clubs started. While this day and age sees the ghosting of clubs and pretend social groups taking over, at the end of the day, without a legit Chapter, dedicated local volunteers, and a solid system we all make as a collective voice, this thing doesn't work.

Now, may of you are new to this type of thing and we don't have a lot on our website or online training set up yet. As more of the local stuff is taken over by the local chapters, I'm able to work on creating the programs and educational items to expand this thing.

You'll notice a lack of development in the last few weeks because I've switched back to hosting some rides, then people wanted more rides, and here I am again hosting weekly rides... that isn't going to fly if you want me to make all the other stuff. If I'm in charge of rides, there's no time to keep growing this with the tools you are asking for. It's a rough position as we break out of our shell and become more than 1 club hosting just our normal set of rides and classes. I get that it's hard to jump in where I leave off since there's less direction. Can't stop doing rides or people stop joining and lands close. Surviving this part of the bell curve is where most fail. I've seen it dozens of times and RL4WDA will be no different if we can't work together and come up with these solutions. Yes, I can take a lot of work load, but you can't make the paper pushers host all the physical stuff or they'll go mental in a short amount of time.

Over Christmas I'm going to reflect on our progress and put together a clear and concise action plan for RL4WD in 2021. My objective is to get RL4WD to help in the Midwest and there are some massive challenges facing the 4x4 community nationwide I'm trying to help with also. Know that without some quick solutions, it's possible some of the major 4x4 parks across the USA will close their doors in 2021. I need to start thinking how we can all work together in the Upper Midwest. It's no accident we are going to make huge steps forward in overlanding this year... I mean, if private and some public crawling parks close, we'll be left with only overlanding and public trails. Anyway, I digress. No mater what happens, we need chapters and Trail Ambassadors to host local rides, social events, and trips. Activity is the key to success, not some wanna be facebook group sitting around and doing nothing but complaining. We take action, and it's showing. Let's keep moving forward!
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A representation of boundaries could certainly help disputes, group split-offs, trail opportunities, etc.

An example by county:
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