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  4. Monday, 14 September 2020
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There's a lot we send out with our memberships, and the more clubs and people we get involved, the more we can offer, and the stronger our voice is for land access. We've had some clubs and state associations inquire about joining RL4WDA. I'd like some feedback on this if you got a sec.

Looking to try and put together ideas for established clubs who want to support the mission of RL4WDA. Currently, we only have one club donating funds to help us out that isn't part of our network. They just renewed again and I was wondering if there is anything we can do to better define an affiliate club that isn't requiring the RL4WDA membership.

Right now, they are just doing the $100 a year business membership but are not mentioned on the site. The easiest solution would be to simply list them in the sponsor section and make a category for clubs?

Right now, to be a chapter of RL4WDA, the members of said chapter join RL4WDA and then the local chapter. So far, we've only brought on chapters that are new. We don't have a way to integrate current 4x4 clubs into the RL4WDA so we should talk about that as well.

I know when we started we looked at being part of united for wheel drive. With hundreds of members, it was cost-prohibitive to be part of that post-startup and it didn't really offer many benefits. We just wanted to help out and be united with a national organization. Now, we are the national organization doing a lot of the heavy lifting in Wisconsin, a little in Upper Michigan, and soon it looks like MN, IA, and IL as we connect massive overlanding routes.

So if a club wants to be an affiliate $100 should work.

If a club wants to merge and become a chapter I'd guess it depends on how many members they'd have. I'd like to keep the costs low though... something like $1-5 for current members (no shirts, just co-branded cards) and then the full rate at renewal so we can cover the cost of the cards and mailing... it would all depend on how many members a club would have and if we have to mail them something to one location or to each member. A lot of the cost would be the mailing/postage.

Centralizing memberships takes a huge burden off the local club. Not having the send cards and packets saves a lot of volunteer work that burns people out. Having access to our membership services, sponsor benefits, marketing/advertising network, Trail Ambassador program, landowner insurance, legal documents, tourism items, product fundraising, and the legislative team can really boost a club's numbers and help them open more trails.

Let me know what you think below!
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Ok well... since nobody really had an answer I'm throwing this out there to see if it sticks. Calling clubs not part of our chapter program "Affiliates" still lets them support our cause but doesn't give them the linked membership, sponsorships, grants, insurance, voting rights, etc. etc. etc. that comes with a Chapter. I think we'll have a handful of clubs from around the nation that would join this way to support us making trails. Take Damaged Inc. They've sent in yearly donations to help us build trails, but are not part of our chapter program and feature rigs that are not road-legal. While they don't fit the Chapter setup, they can easily be part of this thing as an affiliate. Thank you James Goeldner for helping pave the way in trying to work this out.

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