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  4. Monday, 29 June 2020
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Thank you all for your kind words and love. I may have come up with a solution after some soul searching and exploring.

I would stay involved if we changed our name to the Overlanding 4WD Association to better associate with the types of vehicles most of us have. For those that have crawlers only, I'd suggest making a membership (for free with our membership) to the WI 4WD Coalition that better aligns with their type of trails and riding.

Fate had it that and were open so I reserved them. Would just need to make a new logo, cards, and tri-fold which would be fairly easy.

Instead of doing "road legal" limits, better define the rigs to 37" tires or less, 5" lift or less, under 8k lbs (or maybe 6k lbs).

In order to keep gaining new trails and parks, I feel I cannot sell the big rigs. We gotta get em in on the smaller rigs first and then talk about opening some things up to the bigger rigs later if land managers want to do that.

  Change The Name To The Overlanding 4WD Association
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A 6k lbs limit might be tight for an overlander. My landy sits at 5400lbs
I am right now looking at a rig I can use for all of my activities. That being said it might be a truck that will not be in that ballpark, but will be able to overlanding. Granted I will not be going challenging trail at places like Sawana because I do not want what we worked for to be shut down. When I have my rig set up, hopefully I am able to enjoy the the pipeline or many of the trails up by Florence and Dunbar.

That being said I will not be running anything over a 37 and will not be lifting the truck more than 3 inches.
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