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    Ok so this group was designed to help keep members up to date with what we're doing in WI. Hope this works because the things we're doing go far beyond Wrangler Riders of SEWI.

    Yesterday I was in the meeting with the State Trails Council. While we as a guest (RL4WD) of that council support the 4x4 represetitive Luana (also a member here), we were able to make some very important headway in our inititives of advancing the recreation. Below is a chunk of our report mixed in with all the other recreations.

    We're also represented on the national level with One Voice of the Off-Road Business Association. Which you can see here  http://www.orba.biz/onevoice/. Our meeting was also very productive and I've requested national help in aiding us with our events, leveling system and more. We meet each month to talk about how they can assist us in Wisconsin.

    Last week I met with the Department of Tourism and the conversations over the last few meetings went over very well. CralwerFest has been added to the state website  https://www.travelwisconsin.com/events/fairs-festivals/crawler-fest-175279 and we will be adding some of the highlighted RL4WD trails in each area of the state with backlinks to our site. We'll also be applying for grant funding through the department to help us grow.

    The goal of our VIP ride and Crawler Fest are to let people know who we are, that we want more trails and that our members are here to help make it happen and to KEEP it happening.

    There are a LOT of things besides rides that we are doing to help get Wisconsin wheeling with RL4WD's. It's a lot of behind the scenes work that's needed to help make our objectives obtainable.
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