I've been playing with my new set of Talkabout T800 radios. I have 2 cell phones, so I have each radio paired to a different phone. The text messaging works great. I haven't been able to test the &...
I just ordered a set from<a target="_blank" href="http://www.twowayradiocenter.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.twowayradiocenter.com</a>. They are $99.00. If...
After a quick Google search, it seems that 146.460 MHz VHF is the preferred frequency for off road use....
Members have been using FRS Channel 4 without any privacy code. This way everyone can hear everyone else. We have been using 446.000 MHz on UHF for Ham radio. This is the National UHF Calling Chann...
I believe the mesh network runs in the AMPS 800 or 900 MHz band like the Beartooth units do which is the old cellular network band. Unlike the current 1900 MHz cell bands, these have a longer range bu...
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    Effective immediately - I will no longer be processing memberships from the 608 area code with Madison Area Jeeps logos or membership info. Everything will just be Wrangler Riders until this chapter is finished being set up and the non-profit is established. There is no rush for this and everything will keep going out as normal.

    If this group decides to include more than Road Legal 4WDs, it'll change how insurance and land use things will have to be done from the association side (because then we'll have non-road legal exposures). These are very important things that need clear action plans. Over representation can be as much of a detriment as it can be a benefit. I strongly urge this group to start with one recreation until a core group to aid with each recreation is established.

    Wisconsin has great resources for the ATV/UTV and Motorcycle clubs. We have these for the Road Legal 4WD clubs and chapters but our program benefits (website, co-op, grants, ticketing, market, insurance) does not extend into these other recreations. RL4WDA will not attempt to represent more than full-sized RL4WD's so this can turn into a snafoo for folks wanting to do one thing that represents all things.

    I believe Allen and his crew can make this thing rock! Just know that our site and such will only represent the RL4WD goals. If you truely are going to make this thing multi-recreation then I'd plan on hosting your own website and everything that goes with it to handle it all.

    Know that the name "off-road" doesn't sit well in some town hall meetings when you're requesting land access. People think off-road as being off-trail or no management. Just trying to be helpful... been going to those types of meetings most of my life.

    Allen, please let me know if you have any questions. This is being posted in the group beause there is a member in the 608 area code I'll be processing this go round.
    • For members - Your membership is part of the universal membership of RL4WDA. This means it'll be good at any event posted on this site hosted by our tFor members - Your membership is part of the universal membership of RL4WDA. This means it'll be good at any event posted on this site hosted by our team of Trail Guides. It doesn't matter if your name on front shows Wrangler Riders or whatever this group ends up being called. The universal membership applies so you don't have to buy 20 memberships for 20 different chapters for 20 different events. That's silly and expensive. We built the cost of sharing memberships into current dues so it should work for any chapter that comes on with us across the USA.   More ...
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