Multiple updates today to the system, some wording for errors and such. Big updates to from yesterday. After annual meeting changes - Pictures and videos will now...
Great to see ya here! Was nice meeting you at the annual meeting. Look forward to riding with ya out on the trails!...
Welcome to the group and i love that Stingrey color. Looking forward to seeing you on some of our future group events!...
This would be awesome! Would love to have ya bring a crew! We need to get you certified as a trail guide so we can issue event points for such an awesome trip!...
I was terrified watching this from my couch! What have I done!!...
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    As we head into the 2019 season, we need to see who wanted to help at events. Without the proper elders, events do not function properly. For 2019 we're looking at stepping back weekend rides to once every other month (if possible) which will allow more time for training and trail scouting work. Overall, I'm looking to dedicate half of my weekends in 2019 to RL4WD events and training which is about 2 weekends per month.

    Please respond below if you'd consider being an elder for the following about once a month to every other month. Ultimately, if we don't have people to help out, we don't do events. It's that simple.

    Trail Guides
    Registration & Check in
    Food / Snacks / Beverage
    Financial (pre-reg, paypal, deposits, on site memberships, P&L statements)
    Post Event Checkers (making sure people clean up after themselves)

    Right now we have events for:

    January Weekend Camp Ride - 11-12th / Beginners Class Sunday the 13th
    January 26th Day Ride - The Homestead?

    Tigerton Weekend Ride - 22nd - 24th
    Trail Guide Ambassador Training TBD (Sat) Elder Training Class (Sun) later in Feb @ Sinawa

    TBD thinking a trail work weekend before the thaw
    Beginner Class TBD

    Trail Guide Ambassador Training TBD (Sat) Beginner Class TBD (sun) Homestead or Sinawa
    Northern Scouting and mapping Trip TBD
    26th - 28th Wrangler Riders Group (Chad Balke team?) heading to Jeep The Mac

    VIP Ride 22nd (that's a full Friday) then weekend rides for members. Beginner Class Sunday. @ Sinawa
    Maybe Tigerton Weekend Ride TBD or Homestead day ride?

    CrawlerFest 28th - 30th Full Thursday and Friday needed as this has a vendor show. @ Sinawa
    Scouting and mapping Trip TBD

    Beginning of the month Scouting and mapping trip up north
    End of the month Scouting and mapping trip up north

    10th - 18th - 2019 Jeep Badge of Honor - Windrock,TN
    Trail Guide Ambassador Training TBD (Sat) / Beginner Class TBD (Sun)

    15th - 2019 Kewaskum Car Show
    Scouting and mapping trip up north

    Oct 11th - 12th Trail Building @Sinawa and prep for Fright Crawl
    Fright Crawl weekend - 18th - 20th @ Sinawa

    Annual Meeting & Ride 1st - 3rd @ Sinawa
    Nov. 25th Holiday Parade @ Sheboygan

    December - TBD left open for light parade and toys for tots ride or maybe xmas at sinawa.

    Please post below if you are willing to be an elder and help at events above.

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