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  about 1 week ago
Photos now shown from many areas of the site.
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  about 1 week ago
If you go to and click add media, you can add that video link and it'll count as another submission.
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  about 2 weeks ago
Did you hood mount of tailgate mount? Hood mount would be 3' I'd think, tailgate mount would be 4' top load whip, best to measure first. Most of my stuff I get From Doug Richter at AV Dynamics. If you're coming to the class this Saturday, maybe Doug can bring it to Sinawa? Otherwise, Amazon as I don't see anyone who sells CB stuff in Madison - Here's the k40 - 2' whip - 3' whip - 4' whip - The Firestick can also be used but that antenna is much thicker and heavier and those who use a spring mount, it looks like most smack the cab in the trees and such. Mine on the hood never hits the cab and has amazing flex. Here's the review on that
  about 1 month ago
Yes, lots of people are making the change and a few of us are even becoming instructors to teach the class at events.
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  about 1 month ago
Update - this event is going great! I've decided to include 1st 2nd and 3rd place custom engraved plaques for the top three reviewers at the end of this review event, sponsored by Rough Country.
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