The Road Legal 4WD Association is a non-profit that issues grants to chapters in order to develop and maintain trails and parks. Memberships are used to fund education, development of trails and communication tools to connect riders with the riding areas being built. 

Memberships are tired directly to chapters and cost savings. The higher-level the membership, the less a person pays for event entries and for products in the store (if applicable). There are also bonus stickers, dealer discounts and many other perks of being a member. 


What do I get for my membership?

There are lots of benefits explained here. We have options from a "trial" six month membership, to the full-on premium membership for those who want the best stuff, deepest discounts, and to give the most help. 

Running a foundation like this is hard work and expensive. Without the memberships we wouldn't have been able to develop what we have today. Without memberships, events would cost many times over what they cost today (like some other promoters charge). Memberships give us the ability to make everything happen for a reasonable cost.

The Road Legal 4WD Association trains chapters and clubs to be set up so that they can apply for our grants along with public and other types of grants. When a membership is sold, we track what chapter that membership came in from and issue those chapters weekly or monthly grants based on those memberships. Furthermore, we issue grants to chapters when they refer people to buy things in the store. The store products are sold through our for-profit sponsors, yet each referral is tracked to help get more funding towards making trails locally. 

We've learned that the 4x4 community is plagued with clubs that burn out, fly by night promoters and other unethical characters. The Road Legal 4WD Association believes that transparency is very important. We do things right, hold the proper legal filings, pay our taxes, use accredited/licensed accountants, and make the money flow available at our annual meetings. The Director works with the advisory and grant boards to make sure proper checks and balances exist. Bylaws are written so if a chapter folds, they must donate remaining funds and items back to the main foundation which is then recirculated to the current chapters via more grants. We even ask our members for thoughts and opinions in these forums. Notice you can even comment on every article and page we post on our site! 

There are safety protocols built into our hierarchy to avoid hostel takeovers, chapters have their own officers, voting and control their own funds. You earn voting rights through going to events, becoming an elder and earning event points. This foundation is larger than any one team or person. It's build to withstand the test of time and can roll with the punches as vehicles change. 

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