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  1. Chris Hannert
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  3. Saturday, 10 October 2020
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I know what you're thinking, installing a lift can already stretch most peoples abilities and you'd be right. This write up is for the hobbyist that has extensive automotive and machining knowledge with access to materials and machines.

The link below will give an overview of of the work done. Below that you will find additional details omitted from the video. If you seriously want to make some or all of these parts I can provide PDF, DXF or DWG electronic file upon request.


  • 2 1/2" Front Spring Spacers and Bump Stops - Net 2 3/4" Lift
  • 1" Rear Spring Spacers and Bump Stops - Net 1 1/4" Lift
  • 2" Front Shock Extensions
  • No Rear Shock Extensions - Didn't Need Them
  • Extended the Front Sway Bar Links by 3"
  • Did Not Extend The Rear Sway Bar Links - Didn't Need To

Front Spring Spacer Detail:


Rear Spring Spacer Detail:


Front Bump Stop Detail:


Rear Bump Stop Detail:


Front Shock Extension:


The Front Spring Perch was Drilled with a 8.5mm (21/64" or Q) and Threaded with a M10x1.5mm Tap. Bolt was Torqued to 38ft/lbs:


The Rear Spring Perch already has Mounting Holes for the Rear Bump Stop. Just need to add Bolts and Nuts:


Shock Extension has an Extra 6mm Screw on the Bottom to Prevent Extension Bracket Roll:


Stock Sway Bar Links were Cut in Half and Threaded to M12x1.75mm. Extensions were Drilled to 10.25mm (13/32" or Y) and Tapped the same as the links.


As always, I hope you find this write up helpful. Post or PM comments and questions if you have any.
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