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  1. Chris Hannert
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  3. Saturday, 03 October 2020
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It's quite simple, every hardtop needs a lift! What's also true is that there are many solutions to choose from whether purchased or DIY.

My requirements were the following:
  • Top suspended from 9' ceiling & 6'+ clearance under suspended top wanted
  • Top to be suspended for the season
  • Single person operation
  • Safe
  • Economical

Research lead me to the Racor Vertical Storage Lift:


Purchased from Home Depot Online for $127. I picked it up at the store along with (8) 2X4X84 Studs and (2) 1000lb Ratcheting Motorcycle Tie Down Straps:


I started installation by pulling the Jeep in, laying some chalk lines and assembling the rack:


The studs were sistered together and plumb bob used to locate them from the floor to above the trusses:


Once located, they were toe nailed them into place and pulley extensions were mounted:


Mounted the gearbox and winding bar, ran the cable to the rack and added a couple of pool noodles:




Moment of Truth:




Even clears a backed in Liberty:


All in I spent less than $180 and it only took a few hours to install. This turned out to be a great choice for my situation. It's easy to use and safe for me to operate by myself. It's also high enough for me to walk underneath the suspended top without having to worry about bumping my head and I can still get other vehicles parked under it. In the winter time, when the hardtop is back on the Jeep, I can store the push mower, power washer and rain barrel for the season.
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