Without a bunch of amazing people, Wrangler Riders would never of taken off. In this page, we thank our key players that led to the success of our foundation. 


Premium Members

Premium members are the folks who help us achieve our 2018 foundation goals. While the founding members have helped with the startup phase, the Premium Members are assisting in further website development, online education software development, and public registration program development.


Founding Members

These folks donated a high dollar first-year entry into what was then just Wrangler Riders (a year later it became the Road Legal 4WD Association) to give us the seed money to launch a successful platform and events in Wisconsin. Many also have given the most physical efforts out of all of us. Back in 2017, we didn't know if anyone would even show up at our events. We saw a great need to host events that we friendly to folks who've never been on the trails before. These founders saw this vision and helped kick-start it all! 

Founding Membership Benefits (from the subscription wording once found on the site): Founding membership is our VIP program. These members get special event pricing throughout the term of the membership as well as special stickers and promotions.

Founders signing up past the initial 2017 sunset must already be a member and the advisory board will have time to comment on allowing anyone new in. During this time the board will also determine if the founding member will be invited to the private advisory board community. This community is the sounding board for any changes within Wrangler Riders. The board may vote to end allowing new founders into the program. We're not sure how much longer this unique status will be available. 

Upon expiring, Founding Members will get the limited edition badge on their profile as well as access to the exclusive founding member merchandise, awards and more. While the founding membership expires after one year, the badge and acknowledgments are permanent. Founders, while not a lifetime membership, will always be known as founders within the foundation.

Founders - 

Jeff Lohry - He signed up as a founder something like 5 minutes within us making the membership active. Jeff is a passionate leader in Wrangler Riders. From tireless hours spent making and improving trails to tons of laughs around the campfire, Jeff is an amazing guy! Jeff is the main reason the trails at Camp Sinawa are as nice as they are. His CJ did much of the heavy lifting in the beginning stages of trail reconstruction. Sinawa became a big success because of his hard work and dedication. 

Doug Richter - Doug has been wheeling for over 40 years. He helped start one of the oldest clubs in Wisconsin the Legendary Civilian Jeepers out of Manitowoc. They were also once the largest club in the state. Doug was also a major player in developing the Pipeline trail/road in northern WI. He's provided hours of industry insight that helped steer us in the right direction along with many hours of aiding us in trail development. Doug also actively supports the foundation with his business sponsorship -  https://wranglerriders.com/biz/av-dynamics 

Peter Rohde - Pete literally made Wrangler Riders happen from the first event we held. It was Pete that saw our event on social media and then he called his riding buddies and BOOM, we had a full parking lot! Pete is a 15+ year veteran to wheeling and serves and helps with many clubs and associations. You'll likely catch him helping you as a trail guide and sharing stories around the campfire. he's been to nearly every event we've held in Wisconsin and is among the point leaders within the foundation. 

Dan Smith - Dan has been a dedicated member and avid rider in Wrangler Riders. He's also helped with some of the backside website work. 

Tony Isajiw - Tony has helped us do everything from fixing tractors to moving rocks and logs. 

Chad Balke - Chad has been to almost every event in Southeast Wisconsin and has been a huge help in the advisory community.

Candy Gabriels - Candy has provided great feedback and action at our annual meetings and is a big help with pictures and videos. 

Adam Gabrielse- Adam helps admin the social media networks along with providing great feedback in our advisory community. 

Brandon Begotka - Brandon and his family have given a load of support at our workdays and in the advisory group. 

Bob E Duncan - Bob has been a great help on the site. 

Jess Harden - Jessica has contributed major financial and database processing along with voluntary bookkeeping. 

Ryan Harden - Daily operations director. 

Tim Duenkel - Tim was a big help in getting Wrangler Riders off the ground. As president of WOHVA, he helped us promote our group and provided safety and educational training along with the rest of the WOHVA team. Tim also gives council via the advisory community. 




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