Thursday, 14 October 2021
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Here is the report I sent for the overview of the State Trails Council. Not sure how much of it Luana Schneider will use, but that's what I wrote.

Hi Luana,

My report -

The Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Association was dissolved this summer and remaining money was sent to the participating chapters. With the Coalition now active and running, we are confident that care of the Wisconsin 4X4 community is in good hands. We do still have the RL4WD Corp for lobby work and legislation as needed and we are now focusing our efforts on Americas' Trails. This is currently a Wisconsin based group of volunteers dedicated to enhancing trail map data using the Universal Trail Rating System (

We're connecting large overlanding routes throughout the upper Midwest and beyond on top of offering trail data and reviews for parks. We will no longer exclusively be road legal vehicles and will offer aid and expertise wherever needed. All RL4WD members will be extending their membership to the new site and we welcome all 4x4 clubs and associations to use our platform, downloads, and marketing for their events, safety classes, and resources they feel comfortable sharing.

While we are still very much involved with Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest, our focus eventually will be the entire American continent. We are scheduled to be at many of the major 4X4 events for 2022, and look forward to helping promote the 4X4 recreation in a fun, safe, and entertaining way, mostly in Wisconsin to start.


That should do er. Sorry I didn't get that over sooner. I don't know if I'll be at the event this month as I'm currently working on a number of patriot programs and, helping communities group up, fix, repair, and prepare for what looks to be a very rough 2022. From helping build garden beds, to helping people run for office, I'm using my expertise in forming clubs to help people reconnect locally and try and prevent a Civil War at all costs. These sure are some crazy times, and I feel my calling right now is to try and offer people legal solutions to complex social problems.

Once that patriot site is done (it's about 80% done right now) then I'll toss up Americas Trails and get that site going. Right now, folks get RL4WD and Americas Trails info and we do plan to renew our club dues with the coalition and to help promote 4x4ing as much as possible. It's awesome seeing the clubs we helped start take the reigns and keep up the positive awareness and activity. RL4WD will eventually be moved to a section of Americas Trails once all the trail and rider data has been moved over.

I also plan to offer my web building expertise for the motosports and powersports clubs as I'm proficient in building not only sites, but entire local 4x4 community platforms. This should be up around Spring of 2022.

I hope you are well and would love to catch up sometime. Thank you for all you do!


Ryan Harden
Americas Trails
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