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  4. Friday, 24 July 2020
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We're happy to announce the addition of a new membership card printer that we'll now have at our main processing office. This will greatly speed up processing of memberships along with allowing us to offer membership services to our chapters. Since our inception, we've been using the card printer and just paying them per card for the use.

We didn't use any membership dollars to pay for this new equipment either. We have slowly made enough though the store to do this. The board voted to make the purchase during our last meeting, but we held off until the coffers were sufficient enough to do this, during that time, product sales have slowly picked up enough through the for profit so that the non profit could save the funds for more trail development. As you may know, the for profit is incrementally taking over expenses so that all donations and membership funds are eventually kept 100% for trail and grant use. Again, the for profit is used for advertising and product sales where the non-profit, once it reaches a $ limit, will then nullify the 501 c3 status, along with taxes on a non-profit are much higher for advertising income, etc. The for-profit is also legally allowed to lobby if we need to go that route, whereas a non-profit can't do those things. All in all, we're still the same people, we just have to do everything we want to do legally. It's very common for for-profits to have a non-profit subsidy and after talking with SEMA on this, that's the route we wanted to go so we can work hand in hand on local, regional, and national land use issues together.

This week, I proposed the non-profit keep the funds and it was approved 4-0 by the board before proceeding.

Good things are coming and I think all of you for purchasing gear from our store to make that a reality.

We're very proud to offer a nice membership packet that continues to expand as more sponsors come on board to aid in our growth.
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