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  1. Kevin Mahoney
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  3. Tuesday, 25 August 2020
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My wife Sandy an I just purchased our first Jeep Wrangler and are looking to download a trail listing and print maps.

I see they are not in a pdf format but a GPS format. We aer a bit frustrated trying to find interesting begginner trails, how to get there, and what they lool like on a map.
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Ryan Harden
Trail Ambassador
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Hi Keven,

Thank you for joining! I'm working on adding new overlanding tours and full maps to the website this summer and switching the mapping software some something easier to use. Right now, you can go in the directory and most of the public trails are made for stock rigs. I don't have PDF's of each trail but you should be able to click on the area to get to a trail and google should take you there. Again, still a work in progress and with enough members joining, we've been able to come up with a different solution.

We do plan to have full printed magazine-style adventure booklets we print here in the office for folks. It just takes a lot of time to make these changes and marketing and right now, I've been handing over the ride events to the clubs so I can switch back to signs, website work, and maps.

I do have a PDF for Sinawa and Tigerton listings, but not for just public trails yet.
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