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Road Legal 4WD Membership Overview

By being a member of the Road Legal 4WD Association, you support our mission to further Road Legal 4WD opportunities through communication, education and environmental stewardship. 

Our organization may work differently than other clubs and associations you may see in the industry in that, our membership is a single universal membership that is honored within all Road Legal 4WD Association Chapters. If a Chapter is properly set up as a non-profit, has it's own board, bylaws and banking, the Road Legal 4WD Assoc. splits the membership funds with the Chapter in good standing. Membership and media is then co-branded and the Road Legal 4WD Assoc. will take care of membership processing and renewals for the Chapter. 

Unlike a small local group, being part of the Road Legal 4WD Association gives you loads of benefits that a small group couldn't produce. These benefits include printed materials, quality membership badge, online profile with a tracking system and so much more! The Road Legal 4WD Association is building the best of both worlds, a smart membership program for riders, as well as a great benefit and fundraising program for local chapters. The result is max rider benefits and the best chance that a chapter will succeed! 

Membership funds are raised to supply the needed items to build and enhance trails. RL4WDA has zero employees and our sponsors such as AAA Adventure Insurance donate much of the printing, advertising, business office space, and postage costs. This is why you'll see information about these sponsors in your membership packets. Our goal is to raise money for trail grants that our chapters can apply for each year. 

For 2020 there are 3 types of memberships Basic, Premium, and Business. Premium memberships will go for 365 days from the day you sign up, upgrade or renew. Online Business memberships renew at the beginning of the year and will include additional time when renewing in the final months of a year. 

The free basic membership was formed in 2020 as anyone in the rig will need to have a profile on rl4wd.com to make sure we're all "members". Most of our rides will then say "premium members only" where at least one member in the rig will need to be a premium member to go on that ride, the rest can be basic members.

The free Basic Membership profile is required for each person riding in our events/rides beginning in 2020. The basic membership will give you access to the public trail directory,  reviews, review images, review videos, and most areas of our forums. Past that, this profile is very limited in what it can do and carries no voting rights for RL4WDA. You will not get a membership card and these profiles will come across as blue. 

The $50 Premium Universal Membership fulfills the basic membership requirement for all Chapter activities. Our memberships help us pay the costs of running the association and we thank every single one of you for helping support our mission. Because the Road Legal 4WD Association is a federation of clubs, and each chapter may also be their own entity, Road Legal 4WD Association memberships have no voting rights on an international level (though they may have rights to vote at the local level). Road Legal 4WD Association chapters may appoint a voting representative from each chapter. These profiles will show up in our system as red.

2020 Yearly Membership 

Our yearly membership is filled with great features! 

  • Full Color Plastic Membership Card 
  • RL4WD Membership T-Shirt
  • 2 Color RL4WD Patches
  • 2 or more Color Membership Stickers
  • Full Trail, Waypoint, and  Directory Access
  • Downloadable Directory Trail Maps both Printed and GPS Files
  • The Ability to Write Trail Reviews within the Directory
  • Turn by Turn Directions to Directory Listings
  • A few Nice Rig cards for sharing with others
  • The ability to become a Trail Ambassador
  • List items in our Classifieds
  • Printed & Mailed Newsletters and Brochures
  • Discounted or Free Online Educational Courses
  • Sponsor Discounts and applicable savings in our Online Store
  • Event Pre-Registration & Discounts
  • Automatic Login (if desired)
  • AAA Membership Discounts 
  • RL4WD Merchandise
  • Invite Users to Group Conversations
  • Unlimited Conversation Daily Send Limit
  • File Uploads
  • Badge Tracking
  • Custom Avatars
  • Commenting
  • Reporting
  • Unlimited Conversations Per Day
  • RSVP of events online
  • Account Deletion Control
  • Unlimited Photo Albums
  • Unlimited Video Links
  • Unlimited Photo Storage Limit
  • Vote in Polls
  • Create Polls
  • Submit Unlimited Reports
  • Post Story In Dashboard
  • Post Story In Groups
  • Share Video Links
  • Custom User Calendar
  • Create Friends List
  • Unlimited Friends Lists
  • Unlimited Friends Limit


$100 Yearly Business Membership

If you join online, you'll get the same great benefits as premium members since you'll have an account. With thousands of riders coming to this website for event and trail info, your business will be shown to these visitors each day! Our 

Your membership is vital to keeping our program strong and growing. We understand that every business has to pick and choose what they support and as such, we’ve made three tiers of business membership, each with unique levels of support. Please choose a membership level and enclose a check or pay via credit card via phone.

Because laws reguarding non-profits restrict what we can offer, business memberships do not include any products, advertising or services. HOWEVER You may optionally choose additional complimentary items we would otherwise sell to non-members by picking/calling us with the items such as: Storefront Stickers | Directory Listing | Business Card Marketing

If you are interested in being a main advertiser or becoming a main sponsor for events, chapters, our videos, or this site, please contact Ryan Harden at nine two zero then nine four six then three five four nine. Website and Magazine advertising along with non-membership lobby work and related are handled by our publishing company, Road Legal Four Wheel Drive. Before any of those services are considered, you should first join as a business member. 

All donated grants are allocated to our segregated grant account of RL4WDA. RL4WD as the publishing company donates proceeds to RL4WDA for these efforts as well. The goal of these programs is to raise money for trail building, enhancement and education.  
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