Saturday, 16 January 2021
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I'd like to put up some HF bands we'd more closely monitor for 4X4 operation. It's my opinion that when we get into serious overlanding the HF bands and radios will be a very valuable tool. In our band plan on we have the VHF/UHF frequencies that we commonly use. I've always had the HF bands in there with "coming soon" so trying to take a stab at figuring this out so in the coming weeks when overland mapping starts on The Great Divide, we'll have some starting bands to look for other 4x4 trail users all over the USA and beyond.

Here's a rough draft.... please check my numbers to be sure these are compliant with FCC rules and regs

Trail Calling/Recovery Voice Frequencies we start with are below. 4X4 operations we try and end in 84 for basic trail use identification.

6 Meters - 52.484 MHz (Technicians license compliant)

10 Meters - 28.484 MHz AM Lower Side Band (Technicians license compliant)

General or Extra Licenses needed beyond 10 meter

20 Meters - 14.384 MHz

40 Meters - 7.184 MHz

80 Meters - 3.884 MHz

Trail Calling/Recovery CW Morse Code Frequencies

2 Meters - 144.084 MHz (Technicians license compliant)

6 Meters - 50.084 MHz (Technicians license compliant)

15 Meters - 21.084 MHz (Technicians license compliant)

40 Meters - 7.084 MHz (Technicians license compliant)

80 Meters - 3.584 MHz (Technicians license compliant)

Don Mascarella what do you think?
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