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  3. The Great Northern Divide
  4. Thursday, 12 November 2020
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We have mapped out the Great Northern Divide from Thunder Bay Canada to the Wisconsin River. A few of us are going on this epic journey (south to north) this weekend. We should get to about Clark County where we'll me up with the Clearwater Off-Road Chapter on Saturday.

Here an image of what's planned. It does have some same areas of the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail and we plan to link the routes from Stevens Points to our Southeast Wisconsin Overlanding Tour. If we can connect the tours, awesome! If not, that's ok too.

It has been a dream of mine for a long time to begin working on this massive project. The GND has everything from forged streams, crawling, dirt, gravel, and road. It crosses some iconic American History and should provide 4x4 enthusiasts with an amazing adventure! We plan to film, map and document all the cool parts of the trip and then begin working on the printed maps, tour book, stories posted here, and video reviews. It'll have a directory listing as well keeping all the important reviews together and the routs connected.
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