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Connie O'Neill of The 1869 Homestead (please like their page), one of our riding spots, makes these awesome Jeep Lanyards - for your membership cards. If you don't have a Jeep, you can pick up badge clips li...
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Well, I tried it to see what would happen. I live in Oconomowoc and work in Pewaukee. 22 miles round trip at 65mph. All went well. Yesterday I had a Union meeting for retirees in Kenosha. Round trip was about 164 miles at about 70mph. All went well. ...
I've ordered some samples of things we're going to produce going forward using high-quality embroidery and great shirts. You'll still be able to pick your logos and fun stuff we'll have for Chapters, EnduroCrawls, GeoCrawls, etc. Here are some sa...
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