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Eric Baier of Topsy Products came up with a nice hood mount system for the JL. The first, in fact. This was version 1. The new version is thicker and has a unique design. I'm testing both on my JL right now and over the last few months, I can say, I ...
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Just got the third of my for free oil changes included with my vehicle. attached is the invoice for all the services rendered including a 5 tire rotation and new air filter. What does everybody else pay for these kind of services? Is this a good p...
Here's a great example of underbody protection and how much coverage something like this has on the limos. I've been pretty careful not to screw up the underside of the JL to make an install of something like this far less work. You can g...
Perplexed, need better tow points so... want this but don't want to spend $300 on something I'll just be taking off again.
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