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  4. Monday, 30 September 2019
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As we've progressed and added 1 location, then another, and now multiple locations are being worked on for slow speed trails, it's becoming clear we need a plan to manage these trails in a sustainable way.

The reality of our situation is, we don't have the equipment to build or maintain trails and we won't have a membership base large enough to support equipment for a region. In other words, to support the cost of equipment for one region, it would take member income well beyond one region and, as such, our program would never be able to keep up.

Sure, eventually we'll get a public registration program in place so local 4x4 clubs can apply for the funds to get the equipment to manage the trails. This is standard practice in the snowmobile and ATV worlds, but it takes many years to put that all in place.

It's of my opinion, that we restructure so that we can increase trail funding and keep up with the needs of riders. I'm suggesting that we involve advertising income and more sponsorships outside of the 4x4 realm while keeping the premium and business memberships that'll fund our RL4WDA grant program for our chapters.

With a non-profit, we are restricted in what type of normal revenue we can bring in without being taxed to death or losing our non-profit status. Many non-profits set up 2 systems to manage this type of program. Below are my thoughts on this.

I'd like to have RL4WD the for-profit handle the income of advertising, gov work, and everything not membership-based. We'd keep the RL4WDA as the non-profit that brings in funds from memberships for grants used for trail work.

When the for-profit begins to bring in income, the expense of the website, advertising, and equipment can be offset with those funds and reduce or eliminate the use of membership fund use for anything besides trail grants and member prizes or perks as deemed by the bylaws.

I believe that by making this switch, we can vastly increase our funding program for trail development without any gray areas pertaining to non-profit or business laws. The for-profit's goal is to fund the efforts and goals of the non-profit while reducing or eliminating the cost of office and website expenses for the non-profit.
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