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  1. Mike Breunig
  2. JK Body and Frame
  3. Monday, 30 September 2019
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Changed out my door hinge bushings for Kentrol hinge liners this weekend. After all the horror stories I hear from Jeepers trying to remove their doors and the pins corroded up, I figured now was the time since mine is 2 1/2 years old. My front doors were getting hard to take off. I would lightly sand the pins when I had the doors off. I bought a kit to do this and it came with a punch to get the old liners out. I soaked all the liners down with a good penetrating old and started popping them. They all came out without a problem although a couple needed a little more persuasion. All of the liners were showing signs of corrosion so I figured it was good to do before another Wisconsin winter. I ran some sand paper through the hinges to clean out any corrosion. I was able to lightly tap all of the new liners in with no problem. Doors operate smoothly now. We will see how they are after a couple salt covered winters.

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This is on my to do list. For now I use Fluid Film every time I take the doors off, no problems for now.
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