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  1. Ryan Harden
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  3. Wisconsin Trails
  4. Friday, 13 September 2019
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For 2020 I'm going to scale back and let the Trail Ambassadors host more rides as their schedules allow.

I'm thinking of doing 4 major riding event weekends as RL4WD in Wisconsin, one for each area of the state.

Here's what I'm thinking...

Annual Meeting Stevens Point April 2020 already set up.

Southeast Wisconsin - Basecamp Camp Sinawa, A June Weekend 2019 sometime where Trail Ambassadors take out groups on the public and private trails around Southeastern Wisconsin.

Southwest Wisconsin - Basecamp TBD July 2019

Northwest Wisconsin - Basecamp Eagle River Date and location TBD August 2020

Northeast Wisconsin - Basecamp Mountain, WI area Date TBD September

I know we talked about CrawlerFest but I can't manage that large of an event and being it'll cost thousands of bucks upfront, we don't have the resources right now for such a large show. It might have to wait until 2021.

Between these events, I'll be scouting, mapping, building trails, teaching, but I can't be part of so many events anymore.
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After looking at the costs and time it'll take to host CrawlerFest and the Midwest Overlanding Expo... I'm already way WAY over what I can do as one person.

Personally, I'd much rather do these types of rides over the 2 big events as those take a lot more time to prep, sell, insure, and they cost a bunch to insure. These basecamp rides would be fun, new each time, and have the ability to spread out.

I'm also worried about not having enough volunteers for big events...

Whereas, things like this I could pull off with just one other ambassador.

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