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  1. Mark Morrall
  2. Trail Gear
  3. Wednesday, 18 March 2020
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If you drive offroad or explore remote areas, an extinguisher is a must! We explain the best places to mount a fire extinguisher, two within arm’s reach. What class extinguisher to use for what type of fire. Merri will demonstrate the proper way to put out a small fire. And we run a time trail for putting out an engine fire, between extinguishers mounted within arm’s reach of the driver and one stored in the rear.

4x4 Fire Extinguisher Use.JPG

We have two extinguishers mounted in our overland vehicle. For fires under the hood we have a BC rated 2.5# HalGuard unit from H3R Performance. We mounted it using a universal front seat extinguisher mount. Another option we show is having it mounted on a molle seatback panel from Grey Man Tactical. For both we used an Extreme Duty Mounting Bracket. For common campsite fires we use the MaxOut ABC extinguisher mounted in the rear cargo area.

4x4 ire Extinguishers.JPG

Links to products:

H3R Performance
HalGuard BC 2.5# Extinguisher:
MaxOut ABC 2.5# Extinguisher:
Universal Seat Mount:
Extreme Duty Bracket:

4x4 Fire Extinguisher Placement.JPG

Grey Man Tactical
Seatback Molle Panel:

Want to know how to mount a fire extinguisher in a car?
We give our choice for the best offroad fire extinguisher mount and location.

4x4 Fire Extinguishers.JPG
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Excellent content!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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