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  1. Albert Simmons
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  3. Monday, 16 March 2020
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Well I'm Albert however literally everyone calls me Paul. I didn't even know Albert was my real name until I went to get my drivers license when I was 16 ?. That's a long story in itself. Wheeling has always been part of my life and I love it. Part of the reason is helping my dad work on his 1979 k5 blazer and that thing is a tank. Its funny how I got back into wheeling. About a year ago I was driving a 2016 Mazda 6. I loved that car. My now wife was driving it one day and a deer decided to end my relationship with it though. I was actually sitting in the passenger side and was there when it happened. I actually almost ended up wearing a permanent fur coat from it as it hit the windshield on my side of the car. I probably would've been a lot more pissed if I wasn't there because I think she was secretly jealous of the car. Before this my wife's father decided to back into the quarter panel with his blazer and not say anything not once but twice! When I found this out I knew what I had to do. So the time came to find a new vehicle. I knew that I had to find something that could withstand my wife's father's punishments or at least hold it's own along with my wife's dazed off form of driving, not to mention the kids. So I knew I was leaning towards the SUV category. I then found out that her dad's dream car was a jeep. Oh yeah, that's right when her dad took us to the dealership to look at vehicles I went straight for the jeeps partly out of spite well mostly out of spite. I test drove it and my wife test drove it and we both loved it. So I signed the paperwork. Her father was so pissed. I loved it. Since we've owned it we've been through some awesome trails, logging roads and all kinds of stuff. One trail a buddy was out there on it with us. He was laughing at our little baby jeep and thought because he's got a 6 inch lifted truck running 35s he could get through everything we could. Well I was leading and seen my opportunity. It was just a little fun hill about 6 feet high, steep but that break over angle was wicked, the approach angle was just as bad as there was a steep 4 foot dip 5 or 6 feet wide before the small hill started. I was slightly nervous about this myself but figured why not I got to give it a try or he will just keep laughing so I went for it. Got everything right. We went down and up and back down and I was so excited our little baby jeep just made it through. My younger brother said there's no way he was trying it with his truck but our buddy was all gunhoe. So he went down and up and then high centered. It took us 3 hours to get him out of that jam. He doesn't laugh at our baby jeep anymore. So what kind of jeep you ask. It's a 2018 renegade latitude 4or. Mods include going from 26 inch tires to 29 inch, rough country 2 inch lift, American trail products 2 inch lift springs, rock krawler quick disconnect sway bar links, American trail products complete skid plate system "engine, carrier bearing and rear differential" and daystar rock sliders. I'm also working on fabricating my own winch bumper and a new back bumper. Guess that's my story for now.
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