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  4. Monday, 16 March 2020
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I've worked through the weekend to finish all the 501c3 donation packets being made and sent out from Feb. New hoodies, hats and shirts are in and will be added to the store once I have them done up for the videos and pictures for each listing. Right now Eric is screening the next batch of shirts that were out of stock for membership packets. I'm working on getting the shirts out asap so I can send the membership packets from Feb and March.

As with many of you, my wife and family business has had to roll with the punches of finding daycare, working around work and on-call stuff due to the virus crap. It's added some delays and scheduling changes.

I'm not sleeping well at night knowing that there are member packets waiting to go out. I've been in sales all my life and have run multiple .coms where shipping speed and quality products are of top priority. While we're doing more than just about any other 4x4 club around, anytime a product goes out where I'm responsible for it, I feel it's my duty to give the best darn products we can offer. It's why we switched from water ink to plastisol for the shirts coming up and custom embroidery for the special patches and stuff we'll toss on them. I take pride in being part of this 4x4 community and want our products to last. The more sponsors that come into this thing, the more tools we incorporate to speed up shipping and reduce the hours it takes to process, the better it'll all be. Right now, you're seeing these changes and it's taken a few weeks to learn and implement it all.

We want to offer the 4x4 community outstanding products, memberships, education, maps, events and volunteers. There are a lot of moving parts to RL4WD and it all equates to more trails to ride. Again, thank you for your continued patience as we rapidly expand our offerings to meet the demands of the riders. 
I know most of you see this as just a riding club, but know this is much bigger than that to me. I, like you, want more trails to ride on each and every year and I, like many of the Trail Ambassadors and local clubs, are working overtime right now to get organized to meet the needs of our members and the riding public. At the end of the day, we are in the business of fun and giving people that fun is the passion that keeps this all alive! 
Thank your local Trail Ambassadors for helping grow this thing. They're starting the clubs, doing the rides, and making it possible to keep this thing sustainable. We couldn't do it without them and I thank them for making this thing ROCK!

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