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  1. Mark Morrall
  2. 5th Gen 4Runner Body and Frame
  3. Wednesday, 12 February 2020
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A professional looking system that uses easy to source parts, basic tools to make, and no bending or welding! Rock-solid mount for recovery boards such as; Maxsa, Maxtrax, Tred, Xbull, ActionTrax, and many others. Recovery tracks are an essential piece of recovery gear when off-roading or going overland!

This isn't a review or comparison video on traction mats. There's plenty of those here on YouTube. This is a video about how to make a much cheaper version of mounting pins for attaching them to a roof rack. We're mounting ours on a Toyota 4Runner, but the pins can be adapted to fit on a Tacoma bed rack.

If you don't want to bother with making your own, or need to mount on round bars; check out the ones made by GZila Designs;

Links to harder to find parts:
Set Screws:

DIY 4Runner Universal Traction Board Mounting Pins For Roof Rack.JPG
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