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  4. Tuesday, 11 February 2020
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I spent countless hours trying to build trail maps and routes for our members to use on public and private trails. After seeing all this work show up on websites that sell the ads and get rich off my efforts, I think I'm done doing what I do without the support of those companies making millions off the hard work like we're doing.

I will be suspending any new trail listings and directory development seeing Chris Hill from Gaia itself in here as a FREE member. I'm done working for free on this stuff.
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Public trails I could totally see being out there... that's pretty much how I've stayed in this hobby. Private trails is certainly up there as a different story. Have you considered (if not already done so), enacting a "keep private trails private" type of policy to limit/enforce it? Whereby you agree to not share them into public domain, etc...

To use Gaia as an example, you can mark tracks/maps/etc as either Private or Public.

Just a thought. I want to keep you making these awesome things you already do. :)
Adding onto this... looks like it's already there.

"Effective 10/24/2018 Our extensive private map directory is for members only."

Perhaps a way to educate, and ultimately enforce, is the real strategy?
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